Hungry Bear Tales

26 x 7 min – 2D/3D
adventurous animated series for preschool kids
loosely based on the books by Zbyněk Černík

As everyone knows, bears tend to be loners, but Ned and Mishka are best friends who share a cosy house in the forest. One of them is big, the other one is tiny and they are constantly hungry. Most of their adventures revolve around ways to get something really good to eat with as little effort as possible and they are willing to take considerable risks. Their plans do not always go the way they imagined, but their little adventures always have a happy end.

co-producers: Czech Television, Treehouse Republic (IRL), Kosmonaut (PL), Raketa (SK)
international sales: Dandelooo (FR)
financial support: Kreativní Evropa MEDIA, Státní fond kinematografie

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  • Alexandra Hetmerová, written and directed by
  • Kateřina Karhánková, written and directed by
  • Bára Příkaská, producer
  • Vratislav Šlajer, executive producer
  • Filip Pošivač, visual art
  • Jakub Sršeň, head of animation
  • Milan Kolář, technical director
Inspired by the books by Zbyněk Černík Malá medvědí knížka and Taková medvědí rodinka