My name is Edgar and I have a cow

7 min, drawn animation
Edgar’s ordinary life is disrupted by a newborn calf he sees on a tourist trip to a slaughterhouse. He takes it home after finding out that the calf would become a schnitzel. His life is turned upside down when the calf turns into a cow and breaks things, he holds dear. Edgar realizes that his decision wasn’t the best and decides to make radical solution.

Producer: Bionaut and Raketa
With the financial support of: Czech Film Fund, Slovak Audiovisual Fund


  • Filip Diviak , direction
  • Filip Diviak , art design
  • Filip Diviak , script
  • Filip Diviak a Vít Přibyla , music
  • Vít Přibyla , sound
  • Bára Příkaská , producer
  • Zuzana Mistríková , producer


  • Andrej Polák