Rosa & Dara and Their Big Summer Adventure

An animated adventure for the whole family.
In this feature-length adventure Rosa and Dara, together with their grandmother and a group of friends, set out for summer camp. When part of a comet falls on a ruined castle on a nearby island, a gateway to another dimension opens up in the castle’s subterranean labyrinth. And their dog Laiko gets lost in it.
Their rescue mission into the unknown is complicated, as always, by Bert, who meets his alter-ego from another dimension. And the other Bert has a plan to change the world so that no-one laughs at the first Bert anymore and he has lots of friends.
The comet’s going out and the gateway could close at any moment.
Will Rosa and Dara find the lost Laiko?
Can Bert defeat his alter-ego?

Friendship overcomes all dimensions

Production of the film is supported by the Audiovisual Fund